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Understanding The Cost of Selling Real Estate in North Carolina

Sell Your Home For Free in North Carolina

Planning to Sell Your Home For Free In North Carolina Before deciding anything you must understand the cost of selling your home. Yes, a lot of costs are involved in selling real estate in, NC. so it is important that you know about all the costs beforehand. Well, you also have the option of selling your Raleigh home for free through Sell Our Home for Free North Carolina. Well, what it is we will tell you but let us first know about the cost of selling a home.

Know The Costs of Selling Your Home in North Carolina

Loan or Mortgage Payoffs- If there are some loans or mortgage attached to the Raleigh home you are planning to sell then all these are first paid off by the buyer’s funds and the seller gets only the remaining amount. So, if you have any loan or mortgage then that amount will become a cost of selling your home.

Real Estate Commission- Sellers have to pay the real estate commissions for their agents as well as buyer’s agents. Typically, the total amount that has to be paid as real estate commission by the seller is 5% to 6% of the total purchasing price.

Excise Tax- If you want to sell your home then you will have to pay an excise tax on selling your house. The state of North Carolina charges an excise tax of $2.00 per $1,000.00 of the selling price of the house. This tax is generally paid by the seller but in some cases, it can be paid by the buyer as per contract. But those cases are less, so excise tax also adds to your cost for selling home.

Property Taxes- If the seller has not paid his property taxes then he will have to pay the amount to the buyer while closing the deal. But if all the taxes are paid till the year of sale then the buyer will reimburse the property taxes paid by the seller during ownership.

HOA Dues and its transfer- HOA means Home Owner’s Association Dues. If any such dues are left then the seller has to pay all the dues. However, in this case, also it can be negotiated and the buyer can pay the dues. But that will depend on the contract and negotiation.

Documentation Fee- You know that you will be required to do the documentation for selling your home. The selling deed has to be drafted by an attorney in North Carolina which obviously requires documentation charges. Typically it takes $150-$300 dollars for the preparation of the seller document. So, these were the costs that will be involved in selling your home.

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